Gokaldas Exports: Going From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Advanced Mailing Solution

Gokaldas Exports: Going From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Advanced Mailing Solution-feature image

A reliable and secure email solution has become the necessity of organizations of all sizes and nature. When one of our clients turned to us with their email security and reliability concerns, let’s see what we offered them.

About the Client

A Bangalore based Exports Company, Gokaldas Exports Ltd. was looking for an advanced mailing solution to get over persistent data security issues. While the company is expanding in terms of employees and clients, they were still continuing with the old timer mailing solution.

The Major Client Concerns

Employees at Gokaldas Exports were using ‘Rediff’ as their existing solution. The main challenges they were facing were related to the mail box storage, fishing & spam emails, data security. A single data security lapse can cause a major dent in the brand reputation, as they associate with big brands like Adidas, Super Dry, Forever 21, etc.

Inefficient communication capabilities had become the major concern for them as it was hindering their productivity. Further, there were concerns about the wastage of IT time and budget due to frequent downtime. What else? Let’s figure out.

  • Phishing & Spamming

Most of the cyber-attacks start with spear phishing as they can easily bypass the email filters.

The filters designed to stop them often cannot distinguish phishing emails. An ordinary email messaging system was not enough for the IT team at Gokaldas Exports to keep phishing and spamming threats at bay.

  • Data Security Issues

The lack of encryption in the emails exposed confidential data to the malicious intentions of hackers. While both internal and external information is being transmitted, non-encrypted emails can always be misused by someone.

  • Less Cloud Storage

They were experiencing limited cloud storage with their existing email solution. As the business is growing in terms of clients and data, scalable storage capacity became the need of the hour. Additionally, email maintenance and downtime were also their major concerns.

  • Support Challenges

Their existing email solutions provider provided limited support. While the client was looking for an email solution provider who can offer them higher flexibility in terms of plans and support.

What’s The Solution?

After staying loyal to one of the oldest mailing solutions, the decision makers at Gokaldas Exports were more inclined towards adopting the benefits of next-generation email services. Moreover, they have more than a thousand employees functioning from their Bangalore office who were witnessing frequent phishing emails, spamming issues and more.

Furthermore, our tech experts approached them and provided PoC in the office itself. We were one of the few Microsoft partners who took the effort to address the pain points of the client and offer a customized mailing solution as per the collaboration requirement.

Considering their business pain points and communication hassles with the traditional mailing process, we offered them mailing solutions for Microsoft. They bought mailing solution (Office 365 & Exchange Plan) for 1200 users and enjoying benefits like:

  • Enterprise-level data security
  • Complete scalability
  • Email, contacts or calendars are easily accessible
  • The solution is always updated for security & features
  • Exchange archiving & large email boxes
  • Data loss prevention capabilities

Their employees wholeheartedly welcomed this cloud email solution as they delighted in having a standardized and automating mailing functionality.

With this emailing solution, employees at Gokaldas Exports can stay connected with secure and reliable email access. Moreover, their data is protected and can be managed with virtually any device. This has helped them focus more on projects and productivity and stay ahead of their competition.

Published On: June 27, 2019

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