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Indigo Stream Technologies is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The comp... Read More

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Indigo Stream Technologies Overview

Indigo Stream Technologies is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winning IT solutions are empowering Indian businesses and fueling their growth. Further, Indigo Stream Technologies customer care service is prompt, and its team is always available to address the issues of end-users.

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prosicon “Most accurate plagiarism result compared to any other plagiarism software. Also, it's very easy to use and gives instant results.” Kalpana Arya - Dec 27, 2022

prosicon “I write blogs and articles on a daily basis. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker has been a great support for me. I use the software to be absolutely sure that all my writings are authentic and I have not plagiarised them from my past writings. The software highlights the exact words that it finds similar on the net, allowing me to understand which ones need to be changed.” Rashmi Agarwal - Mar 16, 2020

prosicon “The best part about this platform is that it is extremely easy to use even for the ones who are new to it. All it takes is a 'copy-paste' to check plagiarism for your content.” NAMRATA SAMAL - Dec 27, 2022


consicon “Pricing is a bit high, especially for individual users” Kalpana Arya - Dec 27, 2022

consicon “The only problem I face with Copyscape Plagiarism Checker is that it cannot differentiate between just words and attributing words.” Rashmi Agarwal - Mar 16, 2020

consicon “Doesn't check for grammatical or spelling errors.” NAMRATA SAMAL - Dec 27, 2022

Indigo Stream Technologies FAQ’s

What type of company is Indigo Stream Technologies? alt

Indigo Stream Technologies is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Plagiarism Checker .

What does Indigo Stream Technologies do? alt

Indigo Stream Technologies provides customized and scalable Plagiarism Checker , which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

What is Indigo Stream Technologies’s main product? alt

Indigo Stream Technologies primarily deals in Plagiarism Checker and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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