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  1. What is Legal Case Management Software?
  2. How Does Legal Case Management Software Work?
  3. Why Use Law Practice Management Software?
  4. Key Features of Law Firm Software
  5. Benefits of Using Attorney Case Management Software
  6. Considerations to Make While Purchasing Legal Case Management Software
  7. Popular Trends Related to Legal Case Management Software

What is Legal Case Management Software?

Legal case management software is a tool enabling lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals to collect and store information related to cases and clients within a single database. It acts as a legal repository for law professionals to gather and edit all the information related to their work in a single platform. You can use software to easily locate the client’s information, track payments, store documents, case notes, analytics, etc.

Software comprises of features such as expense tracking, client management, calendar management, billing, and invoices for smoothly managing everyday workflow of law professionals.

How Does Legal Case Management Software Work?

Case management software for lawyers works by automating various tasks of legal entities. It comprises multiple tools to collect and store all the legal data of clients within a centralized database. The main purpose of law firm software is to enable users to manage their day-to-day workflow efficiently.

This cloud-based tool stores all the legal information digitally within a centralized database to keep it confidential, secure, and systemically organized at one place.

Why Use Law Practice Management Software?

Legal case management systems can be useful for law professionals in many ways such as:

  1. Automated legal documents library
  2. Centralized cases and client's database
  3. Automated calendar for scheduling meetings
  4. Cases expense tracking
  5. Tracking billable time
  6. Invoice and billing
  7. Client’s portal
  8. Access to online legal research papers

Key Features of Law Firm Software

These are some key features users would find in every law firm software such as:

  1. Centralized Documents Management: Law firm practice management software enables users to manage and store all the documents and notes related to clients or any specific case within a centralized database. Users can also share this data with others who have access to it.
  2. Expenditure Tracker: The expenditure tracker feature allows users to maintain a detailed track of all the expenses incurred on every case or on client meetings.
  3. Client Portal: The inbuilt client portal enables users to share information and updates with clients. Moreover, clients can also schedule appointments with law professionals through a customized portal.
  4. Time Tracker: Users can easily track the time spent on every client's case or task to calculate billable hours.
  5. Automated Calendar: Legal matter management software makes it easy for users to manage schedules and appointments with an automated calendar. Users can easily schedule and maintain the dates for court hearings, appointments, and clients' meetings at one place. Moreover, users can also set reminders for meetings conveniently.
  6. Online Research Database: Users can research multiple legal research materials within the law firm practice management software. It enables users to find materials on legal research papers, primary law, public records, etc., to support their cases.
  7. Invoice and Billing: Case management system for law firms records billable hours spent on every client case. The system uses this information to generate an invoice for every case and send the same to clients. Moreover, it also records additional hours spent on a particular case.
  8. Task Tracker: The task tracker feature enables users to keep a record of their day-to-day tasks and track the time spent on every activity. It helps law professionals to improve their work efficiency.

Benefits of Using Attorney Case Management Software

Attorney case management software benefits law professionals in many ways such as-

  1. Keeps the Data Secure: Software enables legal entities to keep all the information related to clients, meetings, and hearings confidential and secure. With auto backup, authentication, secure login, data encryption, etc., the system protects your data from unauthorized users and cyberattacks.
  2. Easily Manage all Records: The system helps users to record and manage all the client’s data in one place. It acts as a centralized repository to store the data of all your clients. Moreover, you can easily locate every case file easily with a user-friendly dashboard in the software.
  3. Share Information Conveniently: With this software, you can share information related to cases, meetings, and hearings with your team members and clients. It enables users to streamline their work as all the staff members and users can access the information at one place.
  4. Helps to Work Remotely: One of the foremost benefits of using legal matter management software is that it enables users to work from remote locations. Since all the data is stored digitally, users can easily access it from anywhere and anytime.
  5. Easily Retrieve Data: When the documents are lost, it becomes difficult to retrieve all the important documents manually. However, with the legal matter management software, users can easily retrieve all the data related to cases. Since the data is stored digitally, the users can retrieve all the important documents conveniently.
  6. Easy Discover Legal Materials: Searching for legal materials can be hectic and tiresome for law professionals. Law firm case management software makes their research work easy by providing users with an online database of legal documents, case studies, and court documents to be referred to in their cases.

Considerations to Make While Purchasing Legal Case Management Software

The users need to consider the following factors to buy the right law firm case management software.

  1. Mobile Accessibility: Law firm case management software should be accessible from mobile browsers.
  2. Updates: It should update legal rules and procedures to address case requirements.
  3. Integration: The system should be integrated with existing software to improve work efficiency.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: It should have an easy-to-use interface for easy navigation.
  5. Cost: The cost of law firm software should be within your budget.
  6. Users: The admin should be able to remove and add multiple users.
  7. Data Import and Export: It should allow users to easily import and export the data.
  8. Features: Should have all the features to complement an individual law firm requirement.
  9. Deployment: Software can be cloud based or on-premises, and the users should decide which one will be suitable for their business.

Popular Trends Related to Legal Case Management Software

These trends are currently popular related to legal case management software

  1. Cloud Based Software: Many software are available in cloud-based versions and it will continue to grow in the future. Transition of on-premises software to cloud-based hosting will enable users to retrieve the data easily, access the files from remote areas, increase security, etc. This will enable users to manage their workflow from anywhere, thereby improving work efficiency.
  2. AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI (Artificial Intelligence) has also started making its way into law firm practice management software and will escalate in the coming years. The use of AI based legal case software can help users with automated reminders, contract reviews, risk management, evidence recovery for legal cases, and more.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Legal Case Management Software

What is the best legal case management software?

The best legal case management software should fulfil the needs of law firms and professionals. Some of the best web based legal case management software, include Clio, MyCase, Smokeball, Zola Suite, Rocket Matter, etc.

What does legal case management software do?

Law practice management software helps users in performing multiple tasks such as creating documents libraries, scheduling meetings with automated calendar, tracking billable hours, creating client portals, and much more.

What are some preferred legal management cloud-based software solutions?

There are a lot of choices for users to choose from legal management cloud-based software solutions depending on their specific needs. However, some of the most preferred solutions include RazorLex Practice Management, Moxo, Contentverse, Wrike, MyCase, etc.

How much does legal case management software cost?

The cost of the legal case management software is fixed on the per user and per month criteria and the features it offers. However, the users can purchase software at the lowest price of INR 2,500 per month.

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