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Turnitin Plagiarism Checker
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Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checker software trusted by over 15,000 institutes and 30 million students all around the globe. The plagiarism checker detects unoriginal content by comparing the uploaded documents with databases and electronic sources including published books, journals, an... Read more

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Turnitin Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Software?

Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checker software trusted by over 15,000 institutes and 30 million students all around the globe. The plagiarism checker detects unoriginal content by comparing the uploaded documents with databases and electronic sources including published books, journals, and more, along with in-house repositories.

The originality report generated by this plagiarism checker software shows an accurate percentage of authentic text within a particular document. It highlights the duplicate text under different color codes based on their similarity levels. Turnitin plagiarism software also provides insights about the forced attempts of manipulation in any content piece.

Turnitin software integrates seamlessly with top learning management systems and collaboration tools to ensure uninterrupted knowledge sharing through original content.

Turnitin Plagiarism for Students

Turnitin prevents students from any potential misconduct and help them submit completely original work. The plagiarism checker can compare the content against a vast database of online and offline content. This helps in developing original thinking among students.

Turnitin provides actionable feedback on assignments. It provides tools to grade the assessments on various parameters like writing skills, paraphrasing tips, etc.

How does Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Work?

Turnitin works in four major stages:

  1. Registration and Login Access: Students need to contact their instructors to get a Turnitin Account. They need to be an active member of an institute registered with Turnitin. The software asks for the ID and Enrollment Key of a student during the time of registration.
  2. Paper Submission: After successfully registering themselves, students can upload his/her work within Turnitin to run detailed plagiarism checks.
  3. Plagiarism Checking: After successful submission, Turnitin uses its advanced search modules to check plagiarism online and match a particular document with all relevant sources available on the internet. It searches against major databases, electronic sources like published books, articles, journals, and submitted papers of other students.
  4. Report: After completion of intense search and match, detailed reports are generated and delivered to individual students, highlighting the plagiarized texts under different color codes based on their similarity levels.

Similarity Index Checker by Turnitin

  • The content to be checked is compared against a comprehensive database. Color coding is used to represent the level of similarity and a percentage denotes the amount of match.
  • Blue means that there are no references or direct quotes used in the assignment. This indicates no similarity to any other source.
  • Green indicates similarity index from 1 to 24%. This shows the level of content that has been copied without referencing.
  • Yellow denotes similarity from 25 to 49%. Orange shows 50 to 74% match and red reflects 75 to 100% match. This similarity index is often a result of poor writing or too much paraphrasing.

Turnitin Price

Turnitin plagiarism checker pricing is available on request.

How to check plagiarism in Turnitin?

Go to Assignment tool and click on the name of the assignment. Click on the Turnitin Menu Icon. Go to settings>Optional Settings. Select Originality Report generation and resubmissions. Choose sources for comparison. Select if students will receive the report. Decide if you want to store the submitted paper. Click on Submit.

How to read plagiarism report of Turnitin?

Different text will be color coded to show plagiarism. Blue means that no match duplicity was found. Green denotes one match and up to 24 percent similarity index. Yellow means 25 to 49 percent of similarities were present. Orange means 50 to 74 percent similarity index and red means 75 to 100% similarity index.

Benefits of Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Software

  1. Ensures Authenticity: Turnitin software is an advanced, scalable, and customizable platform, helping educational institutes ensure complete authenticity of a submitted text before going for final publication.
  2. Compliance with Rules: Turnitin plagiarism tool offers compatible services, under any nation, university, or educational board's rules and regulations. It also follows the 2018 regulations introduced by UGC in India.
  3. Data Privacy: Turnitin plagiarism software is compliant with the student privacy pledge set forth by FPF and SIIA. All user-related data is stored within stringent security policies and multi-level access restrictions.
  4. Role-Based Access Levels: Turnitin offers three types of access levels: Administrators, Instructors, and Students. Admins can generate separate accounts for instructors and monitor detailed reports. Instructors can add students, create classes, and exclude matching records from the reports. Students can upload papers, filter settings and download originality reports.

Turnitin Pricing & Plans

Turnitin price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.

Uphold academic integrity

Ensure original work from students and address even the most sophisticated potential misconduct.


Superpower your assessment

Give instructors tools that streamline manual grading processes, so they can spend more time teaching.


Foster original thinking

Help develop students’ original thinking skills with high-quality, actionable feedback that fits easily into teachers’ existing workflows.

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Turnitin Features


Plagiarism Detection

Turnitin helps institutes in monitoring plagiarized content with its advanced filters, appropriate plagiarism based color-coding



Turnitin offers data-based insights, helping you to detect contract cheating. It conducts detailed searches and sends instant



With unique assignment grading features and an extensive feedback policy, Turnitin promotes instructional interventions and


Academic Skills

Turnitin enhances academic skills among the students by promoting original work. It also ensures zero plagiarism in coding, text


Critical Thinking

The plagiarism checking software, with its enhanced duplicate detection tools, points out contract cheating and other piracy


Comparison View

Compare against the industry-leading database of content for comprehensive results.

Turnitin Specifications

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  • Business Specific:
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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
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  • English

Turnitin Reviews


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pros_icon “Turnitin database is really vast. It compares the text to sources in its database ad performs originality check.” Parag Singh - Oct 12, 2020

pros_icon “The product efficiency and effectivness, reports accuracy and ease to use factor makes it a complete plagiarism tool” Raj Kishore - Jul 26, 2020

pros_icon “You will get the results in few seconds once the file is uploaded. Accurate and Easy to use feature is commendable.” Adarsh - Jun 18, 2020


cons_icon “Customer care is not very consistent with timelines. Sometimes getting support takes a long time.” Tathagata Roy - Dec 2, 2020

cons_icon “Occasionally, it takes a very long time to generate similar reports.” Akanksha Malhotra - Oct 30, 2020

cons_icon “I cannot use this software without the internet as the content database is stored online.” Parag Singh - Oct 12, 2020


Akanksha Malhotra

2-100 Employees

Software user since: < 6 months







“Turnitin plagiarism checker is a great tool to ensure authenticity”

Pros :

Cons :

Switched from :

Posted - Oct 30, 2020


Tathagata Roy







“High Standard Plagiarism Software”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Dec 2, 2020


Raj Kishore


Software user since: 6-12 months







“Turnitin checker is sImple and effective”

Pros :

Cons :

Reason for choosing the software :

Posted - Jul 26, 2020

Turnitin Brand Details

Brand Name Turnitin
Information Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism detection service run by the US company Turnitin, it sells its licenses to universities and high schools who then use the software as a service website to check submitted documents against its database.
Founded Year 2000
Director/Founders John Barrie
Company Size 1-100 Employees
Other Products iThenticate Plagiarism, Gradescope

Turnitin FAQ

A. Turnitin is compatible with multiple file types including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, WordPerfect, RTF, Google Docs, OpenOffice and more.
A. The software supports file size of 40 MB or less with a minimum length of 20 words and a maximum of 400 pages.
A. Turnitin covers major databases like ProQuest, Medline, Peter Lang, PubMed, Sage, Springer and more.
A. Yes, the software has a dedicated mobile app available only for iOS users.
A. Go to Courses tab. Choose course and the relevant assignment. Select Submission details present on the right-hand side of your assignment. Then select similarity percentage to view the report in Feedback Studio.
A. Go to Assignments tool. Select add. In Assignment section, add the title, dates and choose Single Uploaded File Only. Select Use Turnitin option in Turnitin Service. Make the relevant choices and finish the assignment form. Click on Post.
A. One of the best ways to reduce similarity on Turnitin is to use quotation marks for every quote and cite all the sources. Also, your text must not be too similar or contain too many direct quotations.
A. Turnitin compares a content piece against the content in its database and matches strings of words in the content being checked.
A. It varies depending on to whom you submit the report. Usually, acceptable percentage lies between 10-15%.
A. It is difficult to cheat as its functionality has evolved with time. Since it matches string of words, you can try replacing some words in your text. You can also paraphrase and use images. These ways can sometimes work.
A. After you login to Turnitin, choose the relevant class link under the All Classes Tab. Select Submit button and enter the title for your assessment. Select the file location and choose your file. Click on upload and then Confirm.
A. Go to course page and choose Turn editing. Click +Add in the lower right of Section. In activity chooser, choose Turnitin Assignment and click Add. Configure settings if you want. Select Save and return to course or Save and display.
A. Class ID is a number that is generated for every class and can be found next to class name on instructor homepage. No two classes can have the same ID.
A. Turnitin subscription is not available for individual users. However, institutes can buy Turnitin license and add their students.
A. If you submit an essay generated by Essay Typer on Turnitin, your content will be listed as plagiarised.
A. Launch your Turnitin assignment. In the Similarity heading where you submitted the file, the similarity score will appear in colour coding.
A. Go to Course Tools >Turnitin Assignments in control panel. Find the link and click on check box in front of the submission you want to delete. Click Delete.
A. To submit assignment, go to All Classes Tab and choose your class link. Click on the submit button present beside the assessment you want. Write the title and choose assignment location. Go to your assignment and select. Click Upload option.
A. In Assignment, go to Assessments and click Turnitin Assignment. Enter the name and point value. Choose the dates and configure optional settings. Click on Submit and then OK.
A. Its algorithm does not detect paraphrasing always. However, its functionality has expanded with time to detect it in many cases.
A. Go to submission details on the right-hand side of your assignment. Select the similarity percent and the report will give you an accurate percentage for matched or similar content.
A. Go to the official website of Turnitin and select the "Create Account" link. Choose your account type. Enter your details. Enter your email and re-enter for confirmation. Next, enter password and security question. Check I am not a robot and I agree-Create profile options.
A. Go to instructor homepage and click on Add Class button. Enter the information required (class name, enrollment key, subject area and level). Choose the end date for class and click submit.

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